Lexco – Real Estate – Property Investments

Lexco is not a real estate agency, even though we do have a license to be, we provide these services to clients who wish to invest and or purchase property in Portugal.

Our aim is to provide state of the art services in order to meet our client’s wishes and needs.

Our vision is not to sell real estate, but to assist our clients with all the necessary steps of acquiring real estate and property in Portugal.

Lexco PT – services include, but are not limited to:

Client – KYC on-boarding.

Acquiring the necessary local fiscal number for the client, before they go ahead with the purchase.

Drafting and issuance of contractual documents that is necessary to secure the eventual purchase, i.e. the promissory purchase agreement.

Doing a complete search of the market, to ascertain exactly what the client is looking for and in which part of the country.

Working with external partners in order to obtain the most cost effective methods for our clients.

Assist with opening of personal bank accounts and full support during the negotiations with financial institutes.

Drafting and being present at the signing of the sales deeds.

And above all delivering complete peace of mind for our clients.


Contact: home@lexco.pt

Tel: +351 919 346 255