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In the rapidly changing economic and legal environment, regulated wealth planning structuring solutions are necessary. Authorities are better equipped to monitor the financial markets and its sophisticated products and are imposing more regulatory constraints on the resources are being invested.

Our modern world has become more and more transparent. Funds are a best practice solution to structuring private wealth and investments. These are accepted and regulated vehicles in several jurisdiction, in general with full consent of the local tax authorities due to the full transparency involved in their creation.

Funds provide a total and necessary overview of its investments some are ring-fenced for liability purposes. A Fund creates a pool of investments, used to acquire, maintain and trade assets under one umbrella.

  • Besides the transparency, a Fund provides for the following advantages:
  • Complete privacy
  • Asset Protection
  • Risk diversification by asset pooling
  • Relative ease of joining/leaving/transferring
  • Foreign market access
  • Tax efficiency
  • LEXCO expertise in offering clients with tailored Funds to client specific needs structuring a Fund in several jurisdictions.

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