Our Legal Services – for example,

Fit-to-budget Escrow services for a wide range of assets
These provide security for the completion of specific transactions.
‘Lien’ hold and keep property (e.g. money, shares) or legal documents in our custody until predefined conditions.
Escrow arrangements commonly used as alternative security arrangements to Letters of Credit, and or to ensure completion of,
M&A transactions, Real Estate projects
Purchase and Sale – when entering into a trading transaction…
Financial projects – arranging financial security, contractors may require secured payments, and,
A variety of other financial transactions where completion is reached over a period.

We also have a strong business relationship with many local and international professionals, ensuring that our clients always receive the highest level of service at competitive fees

Other Complementary Services

Scandinavian Start-ups (cost-to-fit solution) incl. assistance with
Financing and budget planning.
Migrate the UBO to more robust structures / jurisdiction
Providing asset protection – and or Estate planning
Private Foundation
Investment Holding Services – funds offering tax deferral
Assist with non-domiciled status or change of residency
Limited Liability Partnerships a Danish K/S