Family Office

“Take the worry out of your wealth”

For families with extensive business and personal interests, the Family Office removes the considerable time and worry involved in dealing with the family’s affairs so that the time and talents of the key family members can be better spent on their core businesses.

Our family office model, avoids the cost of establishing, staffing and running a private “investment vehicle” office and it offers the benefit of the co-ordination of financial planning, succession planning, asset protection, investment administration, indeed almost any aspect of a family’s diverse assets and interests, all from a dedicated relationship manager.

The Family Office is able to structure and manage the family’s assets. Our global network and experience needs no introduction. At the request of the Family we will cooperate with existing trusted advisors, in most cases we will use our own extensive network of external professionals and intermediaries.


Registered Office:
Skt. Peders Vej 6
DK-2900 Hellerup
Tel: +45 5373 7007